Company Profile

  • Mjmbags is a company based in South Africa, Limpopo, Polokwane. It was founded in 2016 by an aspiring designer by the name of Joan Motadi.
  • The business entails designing and manufacturing clutch bagsi infused with traditional prints inspired by the different cultural backgrounds worldwide.Its market sector are distinct individual worldwide and it also supplies to companies in the retail industry.
  • From its inception, Mjmbags set out to cater designs and products of great quality and good style. This quality standard is the vehicle for its growth and guiding principle that motivates its leadership. Mjmbags is a profit making organisation aiming to generate enough revenue in order to engage in socio-economic developments.

Vision statement


Often, the reason we stay loyal to brands is because of their set of values. Mjmbags sets out to achieve the goal by having an operation that will not only benefit the shareholders, but all stakeholders involved through the maintenance of profitability.The company sets out to be a dynamic organisation that is prepared to meet the challenges of the retail industry; and the company aims at achieving that through maintaining finance, growth, consistency, being able to anticipate product distribution needs and developing partnerships that help the company to improve its sales.


Mission statement


Mjmbags is all about taking pride in the South African traditions and sharing South African designs with the rest of the world. It also takes pride in making ethical decisions & embracing an ethical culture in its working environment.The company was initially started with the hope of bringing different cultural backgrounds together and empowering young girls from disadvantaged backgrounds to do it for themselves.The Mjmbags brand is about more than manufacturing/selling bags, it sets itself apart from the rest of manufactures.